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If You're Reading This You Have Excellent Taste.

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Congradulations! With a million different streaming platforms and online distractions to choose from, you clicked on I Got Dumped. And that means, you have excellent taste.

We are two friends that decided to create podcast about dating and relationships. Yes, ANOTHER dating podcast. This show, however, is Christian faith based podcast with an edge. You see, both of us were raised in the church, but took a little detour in our twenties, into the world of, let's call it, hedonism, and through God's grace have come out on the other end with some insights and crazy stories to tell.

We have experienced the good, bad and aging party boys of the dating world. Our testimony's are not PG13, which is one of the reasons we wanted to create the I Got Dumped podcast.

A lot of Christian podcasts have a conventional, always cheerful, familiar tone, that while comforting, is not necessarily relatable to those of us who grew up in a broken home or experienced traumatic events. Both Ashley and I are essentially prodigal daughters. We sought worldly respect, love and glory, and learned the hard way what happens when you pursue a self centered life . In many ways, we are both still healing from our past, but thankfully we are at place that we want to share our insights with you.

At I Got Dumped, we wanna talk about trauma, abusive relationships, addiction, codependency and deliverance. We are not afraid to go there. Intergenerational curses, soul ties, demonic possession, yeah, we're going there too. Through this podcast, we hope to shed a light on wounds you may need healing from, and normalize the struggles that we all face, religious or not, living in this bizarre post post modern world.

Hannah Slay

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